Fabrics with vinyl coating

Spradling offers top-quality and durable all-purpose fabrics that are available in a wide range of colours and are coated with vinyl (better known as a skin substitute) for use indoors, in outdoor interiors, cars and marine transport.

Spradling products have been specially developed, tested, and certified to prove durable in even the most extreme outdoor conditions. Their water resistance and resistance to UV rays, frost and mould mean that they meet all the applicable requirements in this field. Even after many years of use, all Spradling products look as good as new, which is guaranteed by protective coatings including Permablok, Permablok3, Permablok3 Plus, Permaguard, Silverguard, and Hi-Loft. The material has certified fire resistance properties, which help to guarantee consumer safety. It offers protection against the formation of stains, ensures anti-bacterial protection and resistance to mould.

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The material has certified fire-resistant properties, which contributes to the security of the consumer ensures protection against spots, antibacterial protection and opposes mold.

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